“Close your eyes to feel, when the stairs welcome a kneel,
the building shines so diamond bright, as you are the spotlight,
lush green vines greet you home, a place you won’t feel alone.”

AM 🌿

Building entrance

In meeting the requirements of office tenants, 669 offers all the standards and much more. Beginning at the front entrance, please scroll down to preview some of the perks throughout the property. Take into consideration the charm of the building is not the physical place itself. Rather, it is the combined amenities and other great attributes.

Office building in Binh Thanh District
Lushed green building entrance

Parking lot

When you drive here, friendly security guards are ready to greet and serve your parking needs, arranging the motorbikes neatly, making your parking experience fast and convenient. 🛵

Office rent with extensive parking-lot
Uncluttered and organized garage parking lot


During business hours a friendly receptionist handles all guests and lobby services.

Office rent with qualified receptionist
Front-desk clerk helps external guest with elevator


Unlike other offices, the 669 property has multiple emergency exits. Not only meeting the requirements of local building law, elevators and walkways outside and within the building are also well taken care of and are maintained with safety precautions. Have the peace of mind knowing maintenance and security works around the clock day and night 24/7 to ensure your safety around the building. Their professionalism is unparalleled noticing when anything is off key or requires attention.

Office rent with dedicated security crew
A security crew is always on duty for your safety


Restroom areas are located on each floor and are kept cleaned and organized. Separated by gender, the space offers privacy for your personal needs. Even with heavy traffic, the area is stocked up and well maintained, being checked regularly.

Office rent with clean restroom
The restroom areas are kept nice and clean

Maintenance crew

The facilities are well managed to make sure everything is in working order. Technicians are always willing to support with a fast and professional attitude. Modern and updated fire precaution systems also cover every corner of the office through each level to ensure a safe working environment.

Office rent with supportive maintenance crew
Maintenance crew is friendly and always willing to help support


Neighboring the city scene and Landmark 81, from where you stand you can see the Saigon River and much more. Sympathizing with the commuting challenges of employees distanced from the company, this building sits on the prime location accessible for most, within 5 minutes travel to District 1 and District 2, 10 minutes to District 3, Phu Nhuan District, or Thu Duc City.

Office rent with best location
Nice location near Landmark81

On leisure activities, tenants can enjoy world-class recreations being proximity to Vinhomes Central Park and the Sala Residence. 669 is also is conveniently located nearby shopping centers (Pearl Plaza, Vincom Plaza, etc). It’s not a surprise why 669 attracts many foreign companies and expatriate tenants.

Vinhomes Central Park
International-rated Vinhomes Central Park

Other amenities

Building management invests in proper care and maintenance for office tenants at 669. From safety to sanitation, staff work around the clock to make sure the property is at its best. The following are some of the amenities offered (included in the maintenance fee):

  • Daily cleaning of the entrance, lobby, elevators, restrooms, and other walkways
  • Daily stock-up on toiletries and sanitation supply
  • Monthly upkeep on rodent and pest control
  • Bi-annual cleaning of exterior window facade and air conditioning units
  • Corporate-grade process and management board
  • 24/7 maintenance support (includes electrical and other technicals)
  • 24/7 video surveillance and security

Expansion option

If your team is growing or requires even more office space, Floor 7 has expansion options. With recent approval from the city, HB Tower has constructed an add-on to the emergency exit area to increase the space by 65m2. The area is well lit with natural lighting and includes a commercial air conditioning unit along with a fire safety and emergency sprinkler system, all compliant with ordinance law requirements. This space is adjacent to the office and can be redesigned to fit into the main rooms; however, it is not furnished and will require interior preparation before it is operational.

Working area with extensive space
Additional office space to expand your team

Feng-shui factors

Although poorly understood, feng-shui plays quite a critical role in environmental psychology. Some people may assume it is spiritual or even superstition. However, this term is only the Asian equivalent to explaining the scientific discipline of design ergonomics and user experience. In other words, feng-shui is the philosophy of setting and placing objects and elements in an environment. How it is positioned impacts and matters greatly.

At 669 and Floor 7 specifically, construction and design concepts were taken to an expert for review and approval. Hours, days, and weeks of dedication were poured into the revision to ensure a proper setup for the office. For example, the glass wall was measured to a certain height for installation in order to meet both the privacy for work productivity, at the same time allowing sufficient natural lighting for an open roomy feel. Of course, there are many other elements calculated into the overall yin-yang harmony equation, including furniture and plant selection, matching on all and flooring colors, even the placement of electrical outlets.

Office rent with nice view
A lively view from Floor 7

Tenant and owners should understand the importance of feng-shui factors contributing to the vital success and prosperity of their business. The office space being leveled on Floor 7 reveals a balance in building latitude influencing the flow of energy for a productive and most positive working environment.


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