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Office near Landmark 81
Prime location overlooking Landmark 81

Why 669?

Aside from the great amenities and perks at 669, the office is situated relatively central to the city within access to major districts by major highways, a gateway to the new Thu Duc City, and to other major landmarks.

Many local and international headquarters are now favoring relocation to Binh Thanh and District 2 areas, simply because it is accessible to other districts offering reasonable pricing and less traffic congestion. If your business collaborates with other local companies or holds multiple branches in manufacturing facilities and warehouses in provincial Vietnam, 669 might very well be a prime decision.

A growing economy

Of all major cities in Vietnam, Saigon metropolitan stands number one in population size through every annual census. Each year, thousands of new residents make Saigon their new home. As a result, much foreign investment is poured into Ho Chi Minh City, from transit, energy, to real estate developments. Take a trip around the city and you will witness hundreds of construction projects, including the new metro line and other public transit systems spanning the circumference of Saigon.

Location, location, location…

As urban cities become more dense and crowded, property value along with leasing costs increases. Because a location near the city center makes for conveniences, renters may pay a premium. In terms of Binh Thanh, it is still relatively affordable compared to neighboring District 1. What’s more, 669 is a bit of a hidden gem – rushed drivers may pass the building not even noticing. While construction projects and bridges obstruct pedestrian views, Floor 7 is actually a vertical promotion above the headwinds.

As a tenant, you will come to appreciate many greenery within sight, including a beautiful roadside park separating the main highway bridge. From the office, you will come to see the gorgeous skylines and lively city view. Within 5 minutes is also Vinhomes Central Park, a public recreational area where you can retreat and find some peace within the city. In addition, there are many food vendors that accommodate the area, from local foods to internationally renowned restaurant chains, all within the radius.

As shown in the map (above), 669 stands as the gateway entrance into the city from adjacent districts and provinces. Crossing the Saigon Bridge, there is a unique curvature that plays as a roundabout traffic loop. Because it is close to the riverbank, the city architecture in this vicinity is one-of-a-kind. The urban landscape cannot be in a more perfect synergy; needless to say, being central has its advantages, 699 possesses the perfect location address… home at last. 


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Office information

📍 Location: HB Tower, Level 7, 669 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

📱 Hotline:  028 6273 7960
📩 Email: uyen@669dienbienphu.info.vn

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