Specifications & measurements

  • Building structure: 12 Floors – plus basement and ground floor (excluding)
  • Other details: 2 elevators, 2 emergency walkways
  • Unit face (direction): Southwest

Key measurements

  • Office area (Floor 7): 147m2 (NET)
  • Drop ceiling height: 2.5m
  • True ceiling height: 3.3m (for industrial ceiling design)

Office room measurements (breakdown)

  • Executive room (1): 20.0m2
  • Executive room (2): 19.0m2
  • Executive room (3) + Pantry: ~23.5m2
  • Main Working area: 34.5m2
  • Meeting room: 23.5m2
  • Hallway: 4m2
  • Lobby: 16.5m2
  • Expansion area: ~65m2 (optional)
  • Fire exit: ~6m2
  • Handover date: February 1st, 2021


Illustrated below for your reference are the finalized blueprints used to construct the office interior. Designs were carefully completed through the collaboration of creative specialists to also include approval from building architects and engineers. The relatively recent interior construction meets all local requirements for building law and infrastructure, as well as meeting safety standards and compliance on fire, electrical, and other hazards.

Extensive working space floor layout
The above shares a possible furniture layout, division style and placement is customizable
Extensive working space side layout
Side views of the drywall provide detailed dimensions of the office areas separating the main working space and executive rooms
Extensive working space floor layout
The above blueprint illustration showcases the usable office space (excluding furnishings)

Handover list & other details

In leasing Floor 7, the new tenant will assume all possessions of interior decor and furnishings. To be transparent on the details, we have compiled a handover list to include all liquidated items: Itemization List

All listed items are in good working condition and functionality (as noted on the Itemization List). The owner takes on the full responsibility for any items missing or damaged, the new tenant will have the opportunity of reviewing and acknowledging having received these items on the handover date.



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