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Working space with reasonable prize
Open the doors to your new office

Pricing details

Main costs
  • Rental cost: ~18USD/m2/month *
  • Management fee: ~4USD/m2/month *
  • Itemized handover: ~436m VND (VAT optional)


Other costs
  • Automotive parking: Complimentary (first come first serve)
  • Motorbike parking: 150,000VND/month (for each motorbike) *
  • Electricity cost: Varies on usage, fixed rate of 4,500VND/kWh *
  • Waste management: Complimentary
  • Water utilities: ~150,000/month *

* Prices excludes required VAT (10%)

Important dates

  • Handover date: February 1st, 2021
  • Move-in grace period: 10 days


Terms and conditions
  • Signing requirement: 2-year contract (minimum)
  • Deposit: 3 months rent
  • Payment schedule: Quarterly

Detailed cost summary

For the most part, making a rental decision will ultimately be dependant on your company’s budget. Including management fees and taxes, these phantom costs can really add up. For your convenience, we have created an itemized breakdown summary of total costs (rounded to the millionth) in leasing Floor 7 (147m2). We hope these calculations will provide a better sense on the true cost of renting your office space at 669.

Calculated up-front cost

  • Deposit of 3 month’s rent (refundable): ~179m VND
  • First-quarter payment: ~220m VND (includes the 41m mgmt. fee)
  • Itemization handover: ~436m VND (negotiable)
  • VAT 10%: ~84m VND
  • Total up-front payment: ~919m VND

Calculated monthly cost

  • Electricity cost: ~4m VND
  • Water utilities: ~150,000 VND
  • Total monthly cost: ~4m VND (excludes rent, management, parking, and VAT)

Calculated quarterly cost

  • Rental payment: ~179m VND
  • Management fee: ~41m VND
  • Electricity cost: ~12m VND
  • Water utilities: ~450,000 VND
  • VAT 10%: ~23m VND
  • Total quarterly cost: ~255m VND (excludes parking)

Calculated annual cost

  • Rental payment: ~716m VND
  • Management fee: ~165m VND
  • Electricity cost: ~48m VND
  • Water utilities: ~2m VND
  • VAT 10%: ~93m VND
  • Total annual cost: ~1b VND (excludes deposit, itemized handover, and parking)

Expansion option

If your team is growing or requires even more office space, Floor 7 has expansion options. With recent approval from the city, HB Tower has constructed an add-on to the emergency exit area to increase the space by 65m2. The area is well lit with natural lighting and includes a commercial air conditioning unit along with a fire safety and emergency sprinkler system, all compliant with ordinance law requirements. This space is adjacent to the office and can be redesigned to fit into the main rooms; however, it is not furnished and will require interior preparation before it is operational.

Working area with extensive space
Additional office space to expand your team

Limited special offer!

Moving into a new office space can be intimidating, especially when reviewing the tasks involved to make it a smooth transition. As we have been through the process, we understand the difficulties. As a signing bonus, we are offering the following complimentary services to welcome the leasing of your new office.

On contract signing before December 31st, 2020 entitles new tenant our Special offer:

  ✅  Complete and detailed handover, instruction, and guidance on maintenance, technicals, and caring for the office
  ✅  Customization and setup of WiFi internet system, router, security protocols, etc.
  ✅  Free design, logo production, and installation for entrance area (choose between mica and stainless steel inox)
  ✅  Professional expert advice and interior design consultation (2 hours)
  ✅  New tenant guide and phone list of local suppliers on stationaries, supplies, etc. (for admin)
  ✅  Special welcoming fruit basket on business grand opening or operational date
  ✅  Support and assistance in connecting to construction vendors, if required


“Man can work anywhere and under any condition,
but working in a very beautiful place under very beautiful conditions
will surely create superior things!”

– M&M Ildan


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